All-New 2019 Audi A8 - Premium Luxury

2019 Audi A8

The New Design

The all-new 2019 A8, in its fourth generation, serves as a leader in the luxury sedan segment. The all-new A8 delivers a serene interior design, easy to use technology that seamlessly connects riders to their digital lives, and driver assistance technologies that allow everyone to arrive more relaxed. The A8 redefines future luxury and leads all that is to come in the Audi model portfolio.

Rear-seat passengers experience advancements through a host of relaxation and comfort features, from available, fully customizable Matrix LED reading lights, allowing the customer to direct overhead lighting where it’s needed most, to reclining and multi-setting heated massage seating. Further enhancing the rear-passenger experience are electrically height-adjustable comfort head restraints, footrests, a long center heated console and arm rests, four-zone automatic air conditioning, the Rear Seat Entertainment system comprising of two Audi tablets, and a detachable Rear Seat Remote. Stored in the center console, this smartphone-sized OLED touch control remote allows passengers to conveniently customize their seating and infotainment preferences. Completing the cabin, for ultimate relaxation, the right rear passenger seat offers an available heated massaging footrest discretely positioned on the rear of the front passenger seat. The A8 interior offers a serene respite from the hectic life that surrounds it.

2019 A8

The Best Technology

As the flagship of the Audi brand, the A8 has long presented the industry with leading technologies. This latest generation is no different as Audi approaches the digital age with a revolutionary infotainment concept debuting in the 2019 A8. It transforms the award-winning rotary/push-button control and touchpad – into the MMI touch response® a step-change system for the future of the brand. At the center of this intelligent new system’s instrument panel is a 10.1-inch touchscreen display that, when turned off, blends almost invisibly into the high-gloss black surround. When the system is started, the user interface illuminates with a soothing greeting and a new, simple graphic configuration. Like a smartphone, the menu structure is intuitive and flat, and the user can freely arrange the feature icons according to their personal preferences. The intelligent system can store up to seven profiles, allowing each driver an entirely unique and customized experience from lighting preferences and media favorites to preset navigation inputs.

The driver interacts with the infotainment system through two large stacked touch displays positioned in the center console. The lower control panel is now a simple touch surface to operate the climate control and convenience features, as well as enter text through a keyboard or freeform handwriting. When the driver makes a selection across the platform, the system offers confirmation through an audible and tactile ‘click’ that helps the driver use the system without diverting his or her eyes. All audible and haptic feedback can be configured to the driver's wishes.

2019 A8 Exterior

The Peak of Performance

Launching with a new 3.0-liter V6 turbo engine, the A8 powertrain is paired with a standard new 48-volt electric mild-hybrid drivetrain. This 10Ah lithium-ion battery and new beltdriven alternator starter (BAS) has been engineered to support the TFSI engine and functions as the main vehicle electrical system enabling the advanced infotainment and luxury equipment including the driver assistance systems and electromechanical suspension in the A8. This system allows for recuperation of power and is designed to provide a more efficient, responsive and smooth ride. The paired powertrains operate in conjunction with a fast and gently shifting eight speed tiptronic transmission and standard quattro® all-wheel drive with self-locking center differential.

All-new technologies and control systems make the A8 more comfortable, dynamic and adaptive to the driving environment. The available dynamic all-wheel steering allows the steering angles at the front and rear axles to be set independently of one another. It combines instantaneous response and steering behavior with superior driving stability, tightening the steering radius and offering improved performance at high and low speeds. This all-wheel steering remarkably shrinks the turning radius of the A8 long wheelbase to 38.7 ft (11.8 m), that of an A4 sedan.

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Source - Audi Official News Room
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