Live Market Pricing

At Town Audi, we take the guesswork out of your car-buying experience with our cutting-edge technology, Live Market Pricing. We do the homework for you by monitoring thousands of websites every hour to offer you the most competitive prices on all our pre-owned vehicles, all the time!


We understand our customers and know that you are a savvy and intelligent. Our customers research their car of choice over 85% of the time before ever stepping foot inside our showroom. We save you time and money through our Live Market Pricing and ultimately providing you with the best purchase experience you've ever had!


Live Market Pricing polls nearly every pre-owned car website listing, every single hour of each day to ensure our customers are getting the most real-time aggressive prices. We are able to see how our competition is pricing their vehicles to ensure that you are getting the best deal. Searching for your upgrade has never been easier.


Rest assured that we do not play the pricing game. At Town Audi, we don't feel as though our customers should have to haggle to get our best price. That's why we provide our very best price right from the start! We will always price our pre-owned vehicles below the current market and our competition (within 100 miles).

How Do We Provide Such Low Pricing? Believe It or Not, It's Not Magic!

We keep our advertising expense lower than most dealers so we can pass on the savings to you. We believe in giving our customers the best purchase experience they've ever had and rely heavily on referral and repeat business. Without your recommendation to colleagues, friends, and family - we cannot continue to grow.

Live Market Pricing is just another way we ensure each step of the car buying process is pleasant and hassle free. No games, just our lowest price on your pre-owned vehicle. No haggle! No hassle!